Thursday, April 23, 2015

Interview with Empowering Motherhood Radio

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be interviewed by Tara Darlington with Empowering Motherhood Radio about "The Authentic Mother" and my use of Art Therapy with clients.

What a fun, exciting way to share more information about the book. To listen to the interview please Click Here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tattered Cover Bookstore sells The Authentic Mother

It is with enormous pride and excitement that I share with you the news that The Authentic Mother will soon be for sale at the Tattered Cover Bookstore's three Denver locations: Colfax, Historic Downtown Denver, and Highlands Ranch. 
For many years, the Tattered Cover has been a certain type of oasis or Eden for me. With its warm, comfortable decor and endless shelves of both best-selling and underdog books, there are few places in Denver that I adore with the same warmth as this spectacular bookstore. I am honored and thrilled that The Authentic Mother will be sold amongst the many other fantastic books carried by this beautiful bookstore. 

To see the Tattered Cover Bookstore website, please click here

Monday, September 1, 2014

What is an Authentic Mother?

What is an Authentic Mother, you may be wondering?

An Authentic Mother is a woman who not only accepts, but embraces the ebb and flow of inconsistencies, variability, and change from moment to moment in her parenting (and life) experience. Just as not every diaper is a clean one, there are also moments, days, and weeks that can feel unexpectedly icky, challenging, or simply different than expected.

So much in our culture is related to seeming "good" all of the time. Many mothers (and people of all walks of life) feel an unfair pressure to be put-together, smiling, and nicely tucked-in all day long--regardless of the type of day they have truly been having. This is not to say that glorious sunny days never happen, or that smiles and kisses are invalid when they do occur. It only means that along with the ups, there are also natural downs. With every bright light there is also shadow.

The beauty of becoming an Authentic Mother is the raw, magical relief of permission. Permission to be the You who exists in this moment, whether you got a chance to shower and sip your morning coffee, or if your hair is a rat's nest and your coffee is splashed all across your white shirt. We are people. Let's be honest, candid, and perhaps even a little bit vulnerable with our incredible human-ness, and perhaps that will give others permission to be the same in response.

Authentic. Genuine. Candid. Honest. These qualities are all available and accessible to you. I invite you to join me in practicing this type of embracing for the truest, most real version of your Self as an Authentic Mother.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Now Available in Denver Stores!

It is with great excitement that I share the news that The Authentic Mother is now available for sale in three wonderful Denver stores!

Belly Bliss
Belly Bliss is located in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, and is a dedicated resource for mothers and their families while they travel the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Belly bliss also offers a multitude of classes and workshops on various pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting topics.
Click here to visit the Belly Bliss Website 

Sweet Beginnings
Sweet Beginnings is a truly sweet wellness center and boutique for pregnant women and new parents. Located in downtown Littleton, this unique center offers a variety of classes, support groups, breastfeeding support, educational classes, and wonderful retail products.
Click here to visit the Sweet Beginnings Website 

Treehouse Discovery 
Treehouse Discovery is an indoor play space for parents and children to visit for fun and educational activities. From large playhouses and playgrounds to developmentally-geared puzzles and books, Treehouse Discovery is a mecca for learning and fun.
Click here to visit the Treehouse Discovery website

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Authentic Mother: Creative Art Engagement to Support The New Parent

Becoming a parent is a life transition both wondrous and challenging. The Authentic Mother is a companion book for this time of change that validates the enormity of the feelings and experiences of early parenthood.

In addition to processing the multi-layered depths of becoming a mother on hormonal, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, this book invites you to creatively express your emotions and experiences. Please note that no prior art experience is necessary to use this book—only an open mind. Within these pages you will find specific tools and exercises for creating art that will help you gain deeper insight into:

• Embodying your new role as a mother
• Connecting with your baby
• Working with changing relationship dynamics
• Expressing emotions, fears, and hopes
• Exploring the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding, healing, and body image
• Fostering self-connection and self-compassion
• Navigating plan changes, unexpected surprises, and the pain of loss
• Adapting and re-structuring your life to include your new baby

And much more.

To purchase The Authentic Mother 
please click here

Reviews for The Authentic Mother:

"I LOVED this book. The author, Kate King, eloquently captured the joy, hope, fear, dispair, anxiety, pitfalls, and triumphs of every expectant and new mother. The book both directed and advised without being judgmental or preachy. I especially like the fact that the author highlighted some of the negative feelings sometimes felt by new mothers. Other books /blogs ignore these feelings and even criticize a mother who might not immediately feel ok with their role as a mother. Rather than "lightly touching upon" such a taboo subject, Kate King, provided reassurance, compassion, and constructive advise to help those struggling to recenter and find their sense of Self by facing their struggles without having to apologize for them. She also offered fun and creative directives that any new mom could use to work through every new situation they experience during a pregagnancy and the first months after your baby is born. I would absolutely recommend this book for any woman preparing to move into the role of a mother, this is a book that can be read and re-read throughout a lifetime." ---Rachel Z.

"This is a truly amazing book that can accompany any new parent or parent-to-be on their first stages of the exciting journey of new parenthood. Kate King's writing is very authentic, wise, and connects well with the reader. Can’t wait to read more! As a licensed professional counselor, I feel this book will be a valuable asset to many of my clients and others I know who have gone through new parenthood or are now. I also love the creative aspects to it, which add so much depth and allow the reader to adapt it to their unique situation and personality" 
---Kate D.

"Very informative and entertaining read! Definitely worth it for new moms who are looking for a real perspective on motherhood." ---Taylor S.